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Our Productions

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No Sudden Moves

No Sudden Moves is an interactive installation which responds to the ways personal items fill our lives with meaning. The ensemble performers share individual stories about their unique belongings and explore how the objects we keep remind us of our past, ground us in the present, and shape our identities. 


A sonic amalgam of personal stories are intertwined with manipulated photographic images in lightboxes to form the backdrop for the work. No Sudden Moves is a visual and sound experience which invites the audience to move around, look, listen and stay for a while.


Wild Woods 2023


Wild Woods is a physical theatre work which embarks on a symbolic journey through the woods, transitioning from darkness to light.


Its unique perspective is crafted by the (it's no) drama ensemble, and symbolises the turbulence of contemporary life, akin to a weather system in the mind.


The performers each contributed to the creation of a series of abstract scenarios which reflect on life's challenges, navigating the highs, lows, and collective resilience.

On Display



ON DISPLAY GLOBAL is an annual, worldwide initiative that honors the United Nations' International Day of Person with Disabilities, on December third, through local, community-led sculpture courts.


It began in 2015 with two sites, and has since developed into a thriving and growing network of participants. ON DISPLAY GLOBAL 2020 was a large-scale 24-hour Zoom performance event bringing together representatives from over 30 countries and 4,000 viewers from vastly different time-zones.


On Display Global has been made possible with support by Creative Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria, Heidi Latsky Dance (New York), and Second Echo Ensemble (Hobart)


Stasis 2021

Exhibition Title:

Stasis: disentangling from and transforming the circumstances we find ourselves in. 


In this exhibition (it’s no) drama explore perceptions of limitation, future possibilities and social relationships. The ideas are presented abstractly through interaction with ropes and material structures using the creativity and imagination of the (it’s no) drama ensemble.

Directed by Samara Cunningham with artistic collaborators, photographer Lauren Murphy, costume designer Mayumi McPhee, rope artist Sarah Parkes and guest circus artist Tara Silcock.

Stasis has been made possible with support by Creative Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria and the South Gippsland Shire Council. (it’s no) drama is mentored by RAWCUS.


Party Of One 2020

Due to Covid-19, instead of producing a physical stage production in the first half of 2020, the creative team behind (it’s no) drama and ensemble members have produced a short film that presents narratives performed by nine performers. The resulting three minute film is engaging, at times humorous and reflective of this time.

The scenes were filmed entirely in isolation, directed by Samara Cunningham, edited by Luke McNee from Seagrass Films and with music composed by APRA award winner Andrew Murray. Each cast member has acted out a scene that allows the viewer an intimate snippet into the thoughts and actions of the (it’s no) drama ensemble.
(it’s no) drama is supported by Creative Victoria, South Gippsland Shire Council and mentored by Rawcus Theatre Group.

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Real Not Real 2019

"Real. Not Real is the second performance work by (It’s No) Drama, following on from Unreserved in 2017.


The piece is emblematic of a process in which the performers are getting to know each other at the same time as developing a creative performance experience. In a short space of time individual skills have been drawn upon to explore the theme of home, dreams and real life experiences. The resulting performance offers the audience opportunities for numerous moments of resonance which will differ from person to person. Real.Not Real will undoubtably be one of many more performances by this emerging company as (It’s No) Drama expands its profile in, and beyond our region.”

Samara Cunningham, Artistic Director.

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